Red City

Table of Contents

Red City Part 1 – Red Stop Signs

Read it on Ao3

Red City Part 2 – Red Light District

(Read it on Ao3)

Chapter 1: Into the boiling pot

Chapter 2: It gets easier

Chapter 3: Doesn’t do any of the work

Chapter 4: Something’s crawling

Chapter 5: Morning, Sunshine.

Chapter 6: I wonder how dirty you really are?

Chapter 7: cave canem

Chapter 8: do you know them?

Chapter 9: Funny, I always pictured you as a masochist.

Chapter 10: I miss you. I need you. What’s empathy mean?

Chapter 11: Limited Time Only

Chapter 12: But don’t you love me?

Chapter 13: Vertical chamber apparatus

Chapter 14: Some traces of you

Chapter 15: We both know what’s gonna happen to me.

Chapter 16: You can feed him all the love in your heart

Red City Part 3 – Red City Blues

Read it on Ao3


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