Chapter 7

Red Light District

Chapter 7: cave canem

Sans careened around the corner, nearly slipping and crashing when he turned. He skidded to a halt and leaned flat against the wall to catch his breath. He took the quick break to wrestle with the collar. It was too small to fit back over his head, and it was locked on, which should have been his first hint about his situation tonight.

Nothing about this was fair. Not that that was new, but this was unfair in a massive three-dimensional graph of unfair points.

He should have known when Muffet came to his room too early for his appointment, should have known when she put the collar on him and then left with the door ajar. Should have known when she told him to wait there for the dogs to come see him.

In his room. There wasn’t enough soap and disinfectant in the whole Underground. Muffet knew how he felt about that, she had to. Sans had spent the entire morning talking himself down from a panic, had told himself over and over that pain was only pain, that sex was just sex, that it would be over eventually and become a memory. But waiting in his room when Muffet had left him with more than an hour to think about what was coming, about the dogs raping him on his own bed, and, well. Probably anyone could have predicted he would cut and run.

Anyone could have guessed that, he thought as he gave the collar a sharp tug and glanced at a camera up on the ceiling. Nothing happened in Red City without Muffet knowing. Sans hadn’t run across a single guard yet. Lesser Dog hadn’t been able to resist baiting Sans all night when he’d had him—the dogs probably thought it was a bit dull now that Sans was so compliant, and wanted more sport out of their weekend splurge.

Maybe the worst part of the whole thing was that they’d put Sans in a position that, if he hadn’t known better, he would think he would face punishment for.

Sans was fairly sure he wouldn’t be punished for running. Muffet hadn’t punished him for fighting the insect monster that barged in on him in the night. As cruel as she was, so far she hadn’t punished him for bad behavior she’d encouraged. But there was a first time for everything. Maybe he’d get punished just to sustain the authenticity.

Sans heard sniffing around the corner he’d just come from. He bolted, scuttling into an empty room. He heard paws scrape on the floor outside, too fast and too close. Without thinking, he pulled the door of the room shut.

He heard a click as it locked him in.

Sans slapped a hand to his head. He was stupid, so, so stupid.

He sat with his back against the door, looking around the room. There wasn’t anywhere else to hide but the little janitor supply closet all the private rooms had. He would be caught on camera going into the closet, of course, but Muffet probably wouldn’t spoil the game for the dogs. They would get the door unlocked, come in here, and smell his hiding place. In the end it would be more dignified to face them once they got into the room rather than make them sniff him out like a game animal.

Sans almost thought he’d gotten out of this. Not from running, he knew that was doomed; much earlier than that, yesterday when he’d talked to Clarence.


“Hey…before, when you said you’d ‘be there for me in a heartbeat,’ you didn’t happen to mean you’d be willing to do something like…kill the dogs for me?”

Clarence looked like Christmas had come early for him this year.

“I’m so touched you would ask that of me.”

The bunny cartoonishly took a handkerchief out and dabbed his eyes. Sans couldn’t tell if he’d actually teared up or just liked to exaggerate everything he did.

“Unfortunately, that would incite some kingly ire.”

“Does Asgore really care what happens to them?”

“Until the next generation grows up, he’s got a limited pool of able-bodied monsters. So yes, I would say he’d be incensed for sure. Not to mention if he found out I did it for you, well. I think that would be the end of me.”

Sans looked at the floor.

“Are they so much worse than your other clients? You didn’t ask me to go after anyone else.” The bunny rubbed his hands together. “Unless you’re working up to it.”

His face suddenly fell.

“Well, now, before either of us gets too excited, I suppose I should tell you I can’t exactly kill anyone for you—the king has me on a strict victims list ever since I. Ahem. Got just a tad overzealous once in the past. Lost him some monsters he considered assets…frankly I think he overreacted, but there it is.”

Clarence steepled his hands together.

“Oh, but there are many other things I can do to them for you. If you give me something to go on.”

He may as well say it. At least telling Clarence wasn’t as likely to get back to the dogs as it would if he told Muffet.

“Lesser Dog said he would tell Papyrus…about all this, unless I…uh…”

Clarence was already scrunching his face.

“Well, you don’t wanna know.”

“Blackmail, hm? Now, that’s liable to make Asgore mad. He wants your brother blissfully ignorant.”

Clarence clapped Sans’ shoulders.

“I believe this is something I can actually do something about. You hold tight,” his grin reached his ears and curled around in an ugly smirk, “and I’ll put the fear of god back in them.”

When not directed at him, the bunny’s unnatural expressions were oddly comforting.


The door clicked open and the dogs filed in. So much for the fear of god. Either Clarence’s plan hadn’t worked, or more likely, he’d decided Sans wasn’t worth the effort.

Doggo was conspicuously missing, though. Sans allowed himself to think that maybe Clarence had picked him off in spite of his protestations about killing. At least that made this four dogs instead of five. That sounded a little more manageable.

Sans waited in the middle of the room as the dogs entered. They began circling him, and he found himself wishing he’d waited on the couch instead. Their relative quiet was eerie. Usually they’d be hurling abuse at him by now. The silent stalking made them look feral. A buried instinctual response was warning Sans that they were preparing to kill him. To tear him apart. 

It was possible this wouldn’t feel much different. Sans’ legs wobbled.

Lesser Dog tossed a dog bowl on the floor in front of Sans. Sans stayed still. The dogs closed their circle around him, menacing growls threatening him from all sides. Sans got on his knees and dipped his head to the dish.

He sniffed it—it was the pudding. He was almost relieved. The dogs were determined to degrade him, but that was nothing new. As shameful as this was going to be, it would also make the night a lot easier. He’d been afraid this would be his night with Lesser Dog times five. He could give a shot at drowning out their taunts with the feeling of pleasure, so long as he tuned in when it seemed like they were giving him orders.

Sans looked up at Lesser Dog. The dog licked its tongue over his jowls, then bared his teeth. Sans bent over and licked at the pudding.

Now the dogs were laughing at him, jeering at him, but he did his best to block them out. He lapped up about as much as he thought was his regular dose, then looked up again. Lesser Dog pointed down. Sans hesitantly went back to licking, drawing it out slow in the hope they wouldn’t make him overdose.

Without warning, Sans was knocked onto his back. Greater Dog had pounced on him. It gave a bark that shook the room, made Sans’ bones vibrate. Sans didn’t register that the dog had moved down until he felt its tongue licking his pants at the crotch. Its paws scraped over his hips, but they didn’t have the dexterity the other dogs had.

Dogamy stepped behind Sans and shifted him onto his lap from behind. Dogaressa helped Greater Dog get Sans’ pants off, and Lesser Dog kept circling like he was keeping prey in check.

All it had taken for Sans’ pussy to form were the insistent licks at his pants. When the pants were removed, it was ready and dripping for Greater Dog’s tongue to plunge deep inside. Sans gave a startled cry that wavered at its peak on a needy tone he didn’t like at all.

The tongue was fast and slippery. And god, so long. It filled him and lapped over him all at once. The pure strength of the muscle, the way it flexed inside him, completely overpowered his senses. Sans reached climax too quickly, whining and rapidly thrusting his hips on the tongue as he came, desperate to achieve the waiting aftershocks and relieve more of the heat. Lesser Dog snorted.

“Wow, you hump like a dog, too. You sure you’re not one of us?”

The orgasm left spots in Sans’ vision. He was only hazily aware as he was flipped over and positioned on his hands and knees. Dogamy had pulled his cock out of his pants and was pointing it at Sans’ face.

Sans was about to willingly move things along by opening his mouth and leaning forward, but something slammed into his cunt from behind, and he closed his mouth with a snap, inches from Dogamy’s cock. Dogamy gave a nervous laugh.

“Baby, watch it, you almost maimed me.”

Sans heard Dogaressa behind him.

“Sorry honey. I got excited. Now how do I…”

Sans felt Dogaressa reach between them where they were joined together and fiddle with something. He felt buzzing come to life inside him. Dogaressa was wearing some kind of vibrating strap-on. Sans choked, some drool dripping down his chin.

“Ooh, he likes that a lot. Keep going, baby.”

The vibrator thrust into him, lighting him up from the inside with new heat. If he hadn’t taken the drug, the over-stimulation would have been painful. As it was, he felt he would probably die if she didn’t keep up the pace and make sure he came again.

Sans’ head was grabbed and forced down over the cock in front of him. He made swallowing motions to ease it along, but he still gagged.

At first Dogamy let Sans lick and suck at him on his own, leaning back in his sitting position and groaning. But as Sans was thrust into from behind with increasing force, his rhythm became erratic until his blowjob was no more than him moaning with his mouth around the cock. Dogamy gave a dissatisfied growl and got up in a crouch, then fucked Sans in the face.

Sans bobbed back and forth between the two dogs’ rutting. The cock in his mouth came in a steady stream. When cum started pouring down Sans’ chin, Dogamy pushed Sans’ face tighter into his crotch. Swallowing the hot fluids made Sans’ cunt flex in response. He felt Dogaressa hug tight to his legs and rut wildly for a moment before slowing and hunching over him, shuddering. The vibrator slipped out of him.

Sans hadn’t finished. She couldn’t just take it out like that. His hips trembled as his cunt made desperate grabs at nothing, the contractions so tight it was like his body was trying to force itself to come on its own.

Sans’ hips were pulled up higher. Was that Greater Dog? It must be, he could see other legs standing in front of him, but they were all too small to be Greater Dog. Either Lesser Dog or Dogamy was rubbing his dick on Sans’ head while another dick was shoved in his mouth.

Greater Dog rubbed his dick under Sans, the shaft brushing the lips of the pussy while the tip stroked along his stomach. The dick pulsed. It slowly pulled back, then the tip was pressed against the opening of the pussy. Greater Dog rubbed it in a teasing circle, drawing a long whimper from Sans’ throat. Waiting for release was starting to get painful.

The tip entered him. That was definitely already enough. Nothing more should go inside him, could possibly fit. But Greater Dog hiked Sans’ hips up higher and spread his legs wide apart, then thrust into him. The tip hit the end of the pussy inside with a rough bump.

Sans saw stars. This would undoubtedly be painful if he weren’t drugged to oblivion. He could tell the cock wasn’t even all the way in, even though it filled him entirely—he couldn’t feel the dog’s hips against him. He briefly wondered if the dog would even be able to get itself off inside him, but another thrust drove every thought from his mind.

Why was it taking so long for Sans to come this time? His body still couldn’t reach past the edge, even though each pounding motion into him felt like the last one he’d need. Even the cock slapping into his mouth gave his pussy sympathetic twinges with each motion. But he held out, despite every effort not to, until Greater Dog’s cock swelled and started pumping him full of cum. The squirting sensation pushed him into a swirling sea of stars that twinkled and popped at every nerve.

The cock was pulled out of his mouth just in time to hear him moan helplessly. He heard swearing and heavy breathing above him, then felt more cum hit his face and ooze down it.

Then his body gave up. He collapsed as he was, ass in the air behind him, still stuck to Greater Dog’s cock, and the front of him practically face first on the floor. It was just as well, because experience told him he’d be stuck like this for a while. Greater Dog was still coming in hard bursts. Sans’ legs twitched with each release.

Lesser Dog tilted Sans’ face to look up at them at an angle. Sans could barely see them through the sweat dripping over his brows and the glossiness of his eyes. He vaguely heard Dogamy speak.

“Goddamn, is he even going to feel anything else?”

Dogaressa spoke up from further away.

“Muffet probably said a teaspoonful for a reason.”

Lesser Dog snorted.

“It’ll be fine. We just need a little wake-up exercise.”

Sans’ face was dropped and he let it droop on the floor. He heard the door to the room open and footsteps leaving.

He wouldn’t think too hard about it. Just feel. The continued squirting inside him made him come a few more times, but each time made him feel more overdrawn and worn out. He felt like he had been drained down to negative energy, and the sensation came with its own unique ache. When he came unexpectedly one more time, he really, really wished he hadn’t. The high-pitched whine that left him sounded like a tortured animal.

Footsteps came back into the room. Greater Dog drew out of Sans and let him slide onto the floor in a sprawl. Then Sans felt ice cold water drench him.

Sans’ limbs automatically flailed and pushed him up in a sit, and he hugged himself. He looked up. Lesser Dog was smirking, an empty bucket in one hand.

“Time for a little walk, pup.”


Sans limped behind Lesser Dog on the leash. The dogs had let him get back into his pants before leaving the room, but the pants had gotten soaked by the bucket, too. Sans squelched down the hall in an uneven gait. He was still uncomfortably aroused, but now that he wasn’t in the middle of sex he was starting to feel a sting between his legs.

He’d been imagining all sorts of things they were planning to put him through now—taking him into the lounge and gathering a crowd, or maybe have their way with him right in the hall. Sans had seen stains in the hallways, and they had to come from something. But the dogs stopped in front of the door to another private room. Why would they need to switch rooms? Maybe Doggo was in here.

The door opened on darkness. Lesser Dog went ahead and dragged Sans in by the neck, the other dogs coming in behind them and closing the door. The room was barely lit, and it took a moment for Sans’ eyes to adjust. There was a cold mist hanging in the room that gave it the feel of a terrarium.

Sans couldn’t see Doggo anywhere. He looked at the dogs for instructions, but they were all looking at a corner of the room where the mist was thicker, almost appeared to be concentrated. Sans followed their eyes and squinted.

It wasn’t mist. It was…something, melting together, growing, slopping over itself in grotesque waves to take a form that was almost solid.

They’d taken Sans here for some reason and the thing was still growing, still oozing and squirting its body like today was the day it had chosen to step out of the primordial soup, and why was it here and why was Sans here.

Sans took heaving breaths. “What is that. What is that.”

“That’s extremely rude. That’s our friend. Alphys let us borrow them on good behavior.”

A monster that didn’t look like any monster Sans had ever seen before filled up an entire corner of the room. It appeared to be some form of dog, but it had six misshapen legs, and the shadows under those legs were so dense it was like they were solid. Instead of a face, the monster had a gaping hole—not so much like a mouth, just some kind of hole that pulsed and emitted a foaming white slime. The monster stepped out of the corner and made an unearthly gurgling howl, like the mortal rattles of a dozen dogs glued together and painfully fucking each other to death.

“They’ve been cooped up for a while, so we thought they deserved a good time. And you’re all about good times, aren’t you Sansy?”

Sans’ gaze was lost somewhere deep in the shadows between the monster’s legs. He could feel something staring at him from within the darkness, but there were no eyes to speak of.


“You’re going to show them a good time, pup.”

This was one of Alphys’ amalgamates, Sans realized as he made a run for it. His most short-lived escape attempt yet. Lesser Dog held the leash tight and pulled on it. He lifted the end of the couch and put the loop of the leash under the leg, then dropped the couch on it.

Sans went for the couch leg. Lesser Dog picked him up by his collar and dangled him in front of what might be the amalgamate’s face. The black orifice contracted and made huffing noises like it was sniffing. Sans felt flecks of liquid sprinkle on his face.

Lesser Dog dropped Sans on the floor, and the monster enveloped Sans like a cloud of mist. Sans heard voices from all sides.

“T̝̝̮͙̫͉h̘̫̺e̷̯ ̞̺̖̣̱͖͈͟o̼̫̯̩͞t̷̥͙̣̻̙ͅh̢e̙̥r͍ͅs̞̟̘̪͡ ̫̭̘̭̦̕s̸̯̹̥̦̳̫̙a̭̮̻̞͇̠͡i̮͍͟d҉͚ ̧̥͈̥̗t̳̠h̯̰͇̱̳͓͕è̜̗̳̗r̹̺̲̲̯̼͝s̺͔̼̣̝̺̯s҉̯̪̟̲̪̗̖a̜id͏̠̳w̬̭̫̘̭e̡̖̥̝͙͓̥͓ ͓ge҉̖t̵̺̱̟̜ ̧͈̯t͏͔̗̥ơ̜̱̬͓ͅ ͕͖̺d̰̹͓͞o̷̺̦̞̭̟̖ ̰͚̥͈i̼͚̣̱t͇̻̼̥̹̀ ͈͢t̩̟̗͎̫o̴̤͙̣͍̰̜̣d̨̞̫̬o̢̠ḭ̲̣̗t͎̮͙̥͢w̶i̡̺̭t͈̫̺̮͕h̫̣̘͓̦͚͞ ̖y̺͉͇o̘u̶͕͍͚.͙̞̯ ͍Y̧̹͓̲̭o̝u͚͔̥̦̬͙ͅ ̥h̙̗̟̙̮͎̼͜a̞̲͖͈̺̙v̗͔̝e̗̠̞̼̰ͅ t̡͍͖͍o̼͍ ̮̮̠͕͇d̤̹̫͚o̶̞͚̦̠̗̦̦ ̳̙͎av͙̼͖͝e̛̩̺t̤̖̩̖̗ͅo̖͚͝d̼̞o͏̬͇͈͍w͍̹̻ha̳͕̗͉̩ͅt͏̱̹̳ ͢w̹̠̠̤e͢ ̣̳̘̮̖̪s̶a̺̯͉̞y̶̦̣,̪ ͈̫͖̥͇͉̯r͎͓͖i̻͚̝̪̞̥̙g̦͓̖̤̜͕ͅh̨͍̺̠̭̳͓t͇͖͔͔̞̟͞?̙̀ͅ ̸̯̟̞̦̼̹

s̻h͕̰̻̖o̲̩̭̯̝̤̳ẃ̟͕̤̙ m̢͙̣͈̤͖̥e̘͔̖̯̖͎ͅ ͔̘̫̝̬̺̬y̬͡o̭̭̳͖ͅu̶̳̜̳͔ͅṟ̤̹̳ p҉̺̫ú͓̹͚̱̗s̝͎̗̻̻̦s̤͡y̼̻͢ ̪̯̩̪̘I̯͍̯̻̞͍ͅ ̳̲w̡̦̤̭̫͙a͙̙͔̘̰n̨͖̦n̩a̬ ̰͍͈̱̲s̺̫͔ḛ̭͢e̬̹ͅ ͕̹͖̜i͉͟t̟͔̗̰̥̪̗u̜͍͡r̝̞̲̺p̀u̡̦͓̜̯̘s̫̀s̖̼̙̖̙ͅy̜̯͎͟i̵͉͍w̧a͖̩̹n̸͖̰̖̥̖̜n̗̫͟a̤͢ͅ

I̝̺̩̲̭ ̬̟͓W̩̰͓̹̞͙ ͎̭̤̺͉͟A̴̻̦͎̤͕̻Ņ̭͇̗͕͔̬̙ ̢̠̞N͖̦̕ ̰̲̗́A̷͓͇̦̘̟̝̟ ̫̹S͍͎̩̯̖͈E̻̩͎̣̬̳̺ ̝̬͙̹̬E̸̱̖̪ ̫͚̙̟̱ ̲͎̜͉̜̻I̥͇̭͈̗̘͞ ̴T̟̮ͅ”

Sans gave a wet cough, trying desperately not to cry before even being touched.

“What d-did you sa—what am I…what did you want me to…d-do?”

“They wanna see your pussy. C’mon, they ain’t got all night.”

Sans stood there, frozen in the middle of the creature’s amorphous body.

“g̫̥̮͙̤e̸̠t̲̦ ̩͓͜ó̫͚̱̝͉n̦͚͙̥̰̮̲͡ ̩̹͍͉̺y̸̺͙̹͕ǫ̮̩̦̮͈u̱r͎̬̝ ̬̮͕̘́b̷͔a̜̜c̹̬̙̰̪̮k̹̭ ̹̫͓̫a̠̼n̞̪̲̠d̤̻͈̭̳͕̣ ͕͈̲̰͇̟́s͟ho̸̘w̞͇̺̜̞͚̫ ̴m͓̣͍̙n̺̦̤̬̼̰y̵̜̤͈͈̺̖o̯̫̱͚͎͙̱u̦̪̻̰̜̖̰r͎̖͔b̭a̵͇͇͈̙̝͚̜c͙̝͔͖͍k̵̺̟ ̭̺̟̬͓͝a̳̼̩̲̪ṇ͖̖̬͝ḍ͜ ͢ṣ̲̱̦͔̹̝͝h̗̕ó̳͙̗̮͚͕͖w̤͈̕ ̘̦m̻̥̳̤͕̲ͅe.̟̞̪̲̱̺̟”

Sans slowly got to his knees, then laid himself back. He undid the buttons of his pants with fumbling fingers, then pulled them down to reveal his cunt, still twitching from its previous stimulations.

“S̹̭p͔̬̖͈̣r̼͉̥̰̙e̻͓̪a͎͕͉͉̭ͅd͖ ҉̺͖̻͈̳͔͖y̫̥̞̦̼o̗̫̯u͈̠̥̮̘͇̮ ̦̰ļ͎͚̼͚̰̼e҉̥͈̜g͕͉͔s̶̳̜ ̷o̶̝͕̳̭̝p҉̺̞e̫̣̭ͅS̴̻P̤̠̟͉̱͔͢R͍͔͈̬̤̻̳͞E͎̖͎͎̞͍AD̜̭̲ ̱͕̹̣̣I͝T̞ ̸W̸̹̬̹̭̯̦͇I͠T͔̯͙̰H҉̹̱͍̰͔̮̬ ̡̤̻͍̰Y̵O̵̖̝̞̫͖̝͔U͘R͔͖̮ ̷̰͉̳̹̲F҉̺̞̼̯͙I̯̫͎̼̬͙̣N̴̳G͟E̟̯̺̫̲̘R̘̙S̶E̶͇̗͖͔̞A̸͓͎͔̦̥̦̜D̙͓̩̼̲I̟̭͙̕T͚̠̣̤̤̦̬͝Ẁ̤IT̤̜̣̼͉̫͚͘H̱̟̥̟̥̭Y̲̣̙̝̳̯͈O͔͔̮̯͓U̫R͇̰͎̖̬͟ͅF̠̞͠I̻̪̣͚͍̼͠N̩͈̙ͅG͚̥̳̘̠̙̱”

Sans gulped and pulled his pants the rest of the way off, then spread his legs wider and put a hand between them. He used two fingers to spread the lips.

“á̲͚̮̪n̼̻͔ ͚͈̮̙̟̜d̝̲̣͓͖̦́ò ͚̜be͓̥t̵̰̳̪̜̭t̺̠͓͔͚̜̹e̫͈̙r̡̙̯̥ ͇͕͔th̳̭͞a͔̝̺͚̩͉͈n͙ ̷͕̪͙̳ͅt̷͈̥̠̼͖h̭̼͖̰͓̞̠a̛̠͓ć̳̤a͕͇͓̗̯n̗͈̟͇͉̹’̬̭͈͈̰t̼̹͎̦͠y͙o̮͡u҉̜d̮̩̻͝o̶͙̩͖̯̥b̛̰͍̣͓̞ę̘͉̠̤ͅt̨͚̺͈ͅt̻̥͔͍̻͕͘e̙r̟͡t͕͍̻͞h͙̮͇͉͚͈a͈̻͠n̴̝̥̱̹t̨͔͎͖̝̯h̵a͙̦ ̷̣͎s͈͘t̴͇͈͓̱̻̩i͍̖c̥͍͟k̭ ̻̥̖̪̀y̩o̬̻̺̻̠͎̕u̙͟ŗ ̧͉͕̳͚̟̘ͅf̷̲̲i͎̻̲͉̲͔ng̩̞̯̺e̘̥̹̬r̨̠͕͓͇̻s͏͕̣͍̫ ̦̻͓̹̝͚̪͝i͚͚̰͇̖n͓͈̤ ̱͕̘̳͓̘̰͟a͍̩̗͎͈͢n̫̩̥d̺ ̘̞s̫̀p̣̩̮r̳̰͖̩͜ͅé̳ͅa̶̟̤͉͈͉d̰͖̤̦̯̠ ̙̦y̛͈̦̤̺̞̻̺oͅu̸̖͖ṟ̳ ̷̱͙̝̮̰̱h͖̦̯̣o͔̯̯l̳̺̜̦ef̦̫̤̤i҉nge͈̼r̴͍͓̞̞͙̹s̬͈̯͚͙͝i̴͓̤͔n͓͉̙͓̤̮͜a̫̝̜̞n͉̰̖d̪̫̥͎̱s͏͚̖̠͍p͎̗̘͕̯ͅͅr̨e̜a̦̜̘̣̥̰ͅ ̙͇̱͖͔̮̲̀

͎̭̼̰̠͠e҉͓̦̩̯̮͎t̛ ͇me̺͠ ͓͜s̺ͅe̞̺͠e̱̺͚̯̟ ̝͎i̛͕͔̹̠ͅn͏̘̫̤̼̞̙̪s͍̲̯͍̪̞̻͡i̝̱d̮̰͙͙̭e̺̠̥͎͚̱̰ ̫̹̘̩̝̱͈͝y̼͕̻̮͝o͔uḻ̞E̙̯̣̖͚̞͡T̗̩̜̰̻M͜E̼S͉̩̳͡EE̯̮̲͇̲͇͞I͔̕ ̞̻͙͈͎͓N̠͇̯̥̳̙̜ ͉͖͈̜S͇̣ ͚̠͙͖I͖̼̤̘̪̤̭ ̥̟̤̞͞ͅD̘̰̟ ͓̖̘̠̱͉͢E͙̳̰̯͓̤͢ ̭̖̮͙Y̳̗͇̹̼ ̻̰͓͙͍ͅO̷͓U҉̻̤͎̻̟̗”

Sans’ whole body shuddered. He stuck two fingers inside himself and spread the hole open. As the beast hovered over him, he had a strange feeling like eyes were staring deep inside, like eyes were reaching dark parts of him he didn’t show to anyone. He badly wanted to close his legs.

Something frothy fell from the hole on the monster’s face and drizzled over Sans’ cunt. He gave a small gasp and crossed his legs. The monster’s head bent closer, was going to press itself into Sans’ crotch.

Sans shakily turned over and crawled away on his belly.


Something huge and wet and dripping pinned him in place. The monster was crouched on top of him, its strange body leaking through his clothes and onto his bones. Sans tried to curl up, but his legs were kept spread behind him by the weight over him. He threw his arms over his eyes. His shoulders shook. The other dogs were barking.

“Come on, Sansy, at least be as accommodating as you were for us.”

“Spread ’em wide, little doggy.”

“Look, he’s crying! I told you we’d make him cry.”

Something slipped under Sans’ abdomen and lifted it up. A part of the monster’s body entered him—it was impossible to tell if it was a dick or a leg. It had the same gooey texture as the rest of the body, was not quite liquid and not quite solid, and too much of it gushed into him and filled him up. Sans choked.


Sans’ head was lifted by the chin, and then more of the monster was flooding into his mouth. He tried to yell, but disturbing the frothy body inside him made it bubble in a way that made Sans gag.

The fluids spiked into him from behind, lifting his hips higher. The fear had almost overwhelmed arousal, but Sans’ magic was still stubbornly worked up from the drug. The amalgamate thrust into him harder, coaxing out gasps and moans.

The other dogs were closing in on him, stroking themselves over him or rubbing their crotches against him. The amalgamate was roughly driving into him, bits of its body splashing his ribs and coating his spine.

The monster made a coughing noise in Sans’ mouth, and then released a froth into him. Whatever part of the monster was in Sans’ mouth, it felt like it was spitting up in him. When the disturbing texture hit the back of Sans’ throat, Sans was trapped in the first vivid flashback in a while of the slug, pumping him full of porridgey cum.

Sans’ whole body went stiff. He couldn’t register his arousal even though he still felt the heat, couldn’t hear anything other than ringing, some kind of high keen like an alarm.

Sans tried to swallow, but only made himself gag and choke. The monster pulled out of his mouth, and Sans coughed out the froth. Everything that had come in his mouth slid back onto the monster like it was a part of its body, not meant to be separated.

Dogamy was in front of him, pushing his cock at Sans’ mouth.

“Come on, me next.”

Sans coughed harder and tried to turn away.

“Nn. No. D-don’t—”

The cock was shoved in. It was almost a relief compared to what was in Sans a moment ago. At least he could recognize the way it moved, the way it tasted. Dogamy gripped Sans’ head with both paws and hunched over him, rutting into his mouth like he was fucking a cunt.

The amalgamate was going still behind him. Its behavior resembled the way the other dogs ejaculated—the goop inside of Sans swelled and pulsed, and something else was flooding into his pussy. But there were disturbing idiosyncrasies. The mass of the member decreased as it came, almost like what it was ejecting was…it was ejaculating itself. The cum was the same texture and form as the rest of the goopy body. It didn’t settle in him like a normal fluid, but instead slid and raced up and down, this way and that, like gravity had been turned off inside Sans’ body.

Sans’ hips trembled, his magic only managing a small, half-aborted orgasm that left his body hungrier than before. The sensations were too unfamiliar, and Sans was too frightened to get a satisfying release from the amalgamate finishing.

Dogamy spilled into Sans’ mouth again, and finally Sans was let go from both ends. The other dogs came on him, soiling his clothes and squirting over his legs. The amalgamate’s head with its bottomless orifice stared Sans in the face, then pressed up against him, gliding from his neck up to his mouth, then to his temple. It felt like Sans was being licked, or sucked in, or being fucked in the face again.

T͚̗͙̙͍́h̡̲͙̖̤͖̪̩a̶͈͍͍̭̠͉̣t̘͔̺ ̝̫w͚̻̟̮̗͍̜a͖̩͍̲̯s ͚̹̪͘r̶͉͍͈̝̱̰ͅe̪̻͓a͔̪̙͖̟̕ͅl̫͈͟l͓̩̻̻͙͎͞y͙͓͍̻͉͈ ̩͔̜̭͉̙̀f҉u̘͕̠̱̬ͅa̴͎̺͉̠͓̺s͍͎͍̯̫̲r͈͇̙e͏̫̜̲a̞͍̬͖̭̟ͅḽ͓̱̘̙̕l̤̮͎͔͜y̝̠̟̖̠͜f͚͖̖̯̝̲uņ͚̝̻͎̗̤̮.̵̹͖̝̟̟̹͚ ́L̷͉̝̬͇̣̞e̪t̗͈̫̪̼͖̹’̡͍̩̥ș̞̗̩͔̝ ͎̗̲̝d͚̮̖̲͇o ͎͕̠͖̹̀i̷̟̝̬̲͈̰ţ̲͕̦̤̬e͖̱̞͚t͇͎̬ͅ’̼͘s̲̰̥̣͚̹d̺͘o̕i͏͓͙̺̤t̡͖͇̦̺̼̰ ̣̦͖a̲̝̼͍̭g̤͜a͍̮͍ͅi̥̝̲̹n̗̱̩̮ ̪̞s̤̲͟o̫͔̳͟m̧̻e̖͔ ̢͇̺̮͉͈̰̱t̝ͅi̠͙͖̳͍͠m̀e̷̦͚̩͙̤̙͚.̧̱̜͔͖

When the monster drew away from him, Sans let himself dribble into a puddle, like he was made of the same dripping, formless material. The amalgamate got up and curled itself into a contented ball in the corner.

Sans shivered on the floor in a mess of fluids. The dogs surrounded him. He wasn’t ready for whatever it was they wanted him to do next.

“Get up, Sansy.”


He needed just a minute. Just thirty seconds. Just one goddamn moment to process that the slug wasn’t here, that the amalgamate was done with him, that whatever was going to happen next would probably feel good enough that he could live with it. 

But Lesser Dog was already grabbing Sans by the collar and tossing him onto the couch. He pushed on Sans’ chest so he was leaning back, then nudged his knees up and back on either side of Sans’ head, spreading Sans’ legs open in a sitting crouch so his cunt was in full view. Sans braced himself to get mounted again.

But the dog backed up, leaving him like that. The dogs were all standing over him, staring at him. Sans’ knees twitched. The hard stares both made him want to curl into a protective ball and made a thrum of expectant arousal spread renewed heat to his cunt. Just how long was he going to be this easily keyed up?

“Play with yourself.”

Sans didn’t move. How was this the first time a client had told him to do that? But then again.

Doesn’t do any of the work.

The dogs probably weren’t as intent on getting an enticing show out of him as they were in watching him make a fool of himself.

“What’s wrong, Sansy, don’t know how to do it?”

The dogs caged Sans in barking laughter.

What would happen if he played dumb? Would the dogs ‘showing’ him what to do really be worse than doing it himself for their amusement?

Sans reached a hand over his thigh, slowly moving it down to his groin. He hesitated with his hand hovering at his abdomen. His hand shook, freezing in place.

Why was this so difficult? It couldn’t be worse than licking the floor. Than getting on his knees and barking like a dog. Than being rammed with dicks thicker than his arms, than being forced to enjoy his humiliation, made to come again and again just to prove how much he liked it. Certainly it couldn’t be worse than being filled with some kind of amorphous, liquid cock that ejaculated itself inside him and had maybe left pieces sloshing around inside still…

It occurred to Sans that this would be his first time masturbating with his cunt. He didn’t want to think he was the sentimental sort who put much value in ‘first times,’ but this was one more private moment that was being taken away from him. Something he should have been doing alone in his bed in Snowdin, in the dark of night, with the curtains closed and maybe even under the covers, was instead being used to entertain this group of disgusting monsters who hated him so much they fucked him just to watch him cry.

Sans withdrew his hand.

“I’m…not going to do that.”

“Come again?”

Sans looked Lesser Dog in the eye as he closed his legs and sat up, hands clenching the cushion beneath him.

“I’m not doing it.”

Lesser Dog leapt on the couch and straddled Sans in one swift motion, grabbing Sans’ hand and forcing him to touch his hardening cock.

“Pretty bold of you, pup. How about you do me and I’ll do you. Then we’ll work out how we’re going to punish you.”

Sans did feel slightly less bold with his hand on the huge cock, with the dog’s mass trapping him. Lesser Dog reached between Sans’ legs and dipped fingers into the pussy, jacking into him at a quick pace from the start. Sans lost what little composure he’d gathered.


“Don’t come already. You’ve got work to do.”

The hand forcing Sans to touch the cock made him pump over it a few times before Sans gave up and took over the jerking movements. Precum spilled over his hand as he stroked.

The fingers in him weren’t enough. It seemed like Lesser Dog made his rhythm erratic on purpose, getting Sans unbearably needy but not ever building up enough for a finish. But their individual efforts were creating a tempting picture: Sans’ hand stroking a wet cock that was pointed almost perfectly to slide right into his pussy. Sans could simply aim it, scoot forward just a little, and he’d have the friction he needed. Sans’ cunt twitched eagerly at the memory of the dick pounding into him.

Lesser Dog pulled Sans’ hand away and removed his own hand from Sans’ cunt. He pushed Sans onto his back and growled.

“Won’t touch yourself in front of us, but you sure love it when I touch you, don’t you doggy?”

He licked Sans’ teeth.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll forgive you if you admit you did it just so I would touch you myself.”

What did that matter?


“Say it.”

“…I…w-wanted you t-to…to…”

Maybe it mattered just a little.

When Sans remained silent, Lesser Dog barked, and all the other dogs joined in. Lesser Dog rubbed teasingly around the opening of Sans’ pussy, and Sans gave a startled buck of his hips, almost burying the finger in him. Lesser Dog pulled his hand away, and Sans was left shaking with need.

“Now here’s how it’s gonna go. You’re gonna have to beg for our cocks each time.”

Lesser Dog held his cock and pointed it between Sans’ legs. He pressed the tip against the pussy, rubbing up against the clit. Sans’ eyes crossed.

“Go on. Beg me to put it in you. Tell me how much you want my cock inside you.”

He did want it. Actually wanted it, would feel relief as it thrust into him, would finally be able to come and maybe that would use up the last of the drug’s seemingly boundless magic.

But for once, the fear, the nearly automatic obedience, were being overwhelmed by hot anger. The unfairness of the situation hit him full force. Why the hell should he have to beg for what they were doing to him anyway? Why did he have to want it so badly, after everything they’d put him through? Why did it have to be them? And why, if that goddamn bunny had to go and spit in Sans’ fucking soul, could he not even have the decency to dust a few dogs for him in apology?

“You’re really testing me, Sansy.”

The dog rolled his hips, and the shaft of his cock stroked the lips of Sans’ pussy. Sans’ breath hitched. Lesser Dog’s tone changed from threatening to coaxing.

“Don’t fight this. I can smell how bad you want it. Just say it. Ask nice and I’ll give it to you real good.”

Another insistent rub between his legs that made Sans quiver. He couldn’t stand any more.

“Like this is some kind of fucking privilege! As if I want to fuck you mangy mutts!”

All of the dogs went still. A wall of sharp, unblinking eyes were on him at once. Sans’ voice died out on a small, intimidated squeak.

“Don’t want to lower yourself, huh? That’s just fine, Sansy. I’m sure I can find something good enough for you to fuck.”

Lesser Dog dragged Sans off the couch by the collar and left him on the floor. The dog went to the room’s cleaning cabinet and opened it, blocking himself from view. When he slammed it closed, he was gripping a wooden broom.

“Hold him down.”

Greater Dog pinned Sans to the floor by his shoulders and the other two dogs held his stomach down. Sans fought through a daze of shock to look up at Lesser Dog standing over him, unsure if this was a bluff to get him to say what they wanted, or their final act of retribution.

“Are..are you going to kill me?”

Lesser Dog snorted.

“If that slug didn’t kill you, then this won’t.” He twirled the broom. “It looks like your pussy can take some punishment. Lucky you, right?”

Sans scrambled his legs against the floor.

“This is…this is t-too much. What do you. What do you want? What do you w-want me to do?”

“We’re a little past that, Sansy. What’s gonna happen now, is I’m gonna split your pussy with this,” he waved the handle of the broom in Sans’ face, then gripped Sans’ chin and breathed on him. “And you’re gonna scream.”

Dogaressa held Sans’ legs apart and Dogamy spread his pussy open. Sans jerked in the hold, only to be met with Greater dog’s huge paw pressing on his stomach.

“wait wait wait I—you were right, I w-want. I want you ins…inside me, please fuck me instead, please, I want you to d-d-do me, l-let me. Let me. Let me suck your cock, I w-want it, p-p-please do me—”

Lesser Dog tilted Sans’ face up with the broom handle. He was grinning.

“I’ll let you do it afterward, doggy.”

The broom handle stabbed into Sans’ cunt. Lesser Dog got the scream he wanted.

It was completely inflexible. The thing inside him wasn’t alive, wasn’t magic, didn’t breathe or pulse or bend in accommodation to his body. It felt like something had spitefully died inside him just to torture him. Sans was still slick and open enough to accept the intrusion, but the brittle texture and unforgiving stiffness combined into a terrible ache. The way it was rubbing inside him spread a frightfully familiar raw itch that he tried to block himself from thinking about. He would give anything for the dog not to move the broom in and out.

So far, the dog seemed satisfied just to slide it all the way in until it reached the limit of space with a hard poke. Sans cringed, but that caused him even more pain. He did his best to hold as still and straight as possible. All the dicks that had been shoved in him since he came here, and this was the first time he’d felt impaled.

“Is that really as far in as it goes? It doesn’t stretch any more?”

Sans choked. Lesser Dog gave a few more sharp jabs at the back of Sans’ pussy. He wanted an answer.

“Th-tha-tss…a-all…” Spit dribbled out of Sans’ mouth from the effort of speaking.

Lesser Dog twisted the broom, grinding it against the end. Sans’ vision shorted for a second.

“All right, you can make it go now.”

Sans didn’t understand the words at first. He looked blearily up at the dog.

“You can get rid of your pussy, you moron.”

Sans immediately obeyed. He let out a breath and some of the awful tension left him. It looked like Lesser Dog had gotten bored. But then the dog smirked.

He shoved the broom up so the end reached the bottom of Sans’ rib cage. Sans didn’t feel anything, but his entire body tensed.

“Now make it.”

“You’ll…kill me…that would kill me”

“Nah it won’t. Now do as I say.”

Sans squirmed, trying to withdraw from the handle, but the other dogs held him firmly to the floor. And when the broom rubbed against his bones, still overly sensitive from the drug, Sans had to concentrate all his power on not forming a cunt.

Lesser Dog bent down and opened Sans’ shirt. Sans gasped.

“No. No no. No.”

Sans’ soul was brought forward, and a tongue pressed into it.

“No no please don’t…m-make me…don’t make me don’t make me”

Lesser Dog licked the soul and wriggled the tip of his tongue inside. Sans’ pussy tried to coalesce with renewed arousal.

In an extra little touch of cruelty, Lesser Dog jiggled the broom handle.

Sans’ whole body sparked with upset magic. Pinpricks of light danced crazily over his bones and pulsed off of him in circlets. If he’d only been watching, feeling nothing, he might have thought it looked beautiful.

The pain was blinding. He was falling apart, splintering into pieces. Each atom of his body was vibrating from the simultaneous strain to stay intact, and to give up. He needed to give up. He had to give up.

He couldn’t dispel. The magic kept trying to form and then met the obstruction, bringing on fresh waves of pain. The broom was being moved, but Sans couldn’t tell if it was going out or in. It felt like a giant needle. It moved so slowly, it would never reach where it was going.

Sans lost some time. He was drenched in sweat, puke was sticking to his cheek, and there was nothing inside him. There was no broom. No magic gone haywire. He saw his soul flicker—his magic had shorted. It couldn’t sustain the pussy any longer.

His face was being picked up. A pastry was shoved at his closed teeth. Sans turned his head away. He wheezed.

“No. No p-please.”

The food was crammed into his mouth. He felt himself absorbing the magic before he even swallowed. Fingers dipped into his soul, agitating it so that a dimly glowing pussy started to form against his will.

“Nononomore…no more no more…”

“Hey, puppy, it’s okay. I’m just gonna fuck you for real this time, like you wanted.”

Sans felt an erection sit on his thigh.

“Be a good pup and sing for me again.”

The magic from the food coursed through him. He felt energy come back, just enough to spark the mind-numbing fear that controlled his every action from that point.

No one was holding him down.

Pure adrenaline temporarily shut off the pain and launched him to the door. His abrupt break for freedom was so unexpected that he got all the way to fumbling with the knob before he was grabbed around the middle.

Sans still reached wildly for the door and scratched at it like a cornered animal.

“Muffet!” Sans’s hands found the door knob and held fast as a dog pulled the rest of his body off the floor. “I changed my mind, Muffet! It’s too much, it’s…oh god please…”

Lesser Dog wrenched Sans from the knob and barked in his ear. “Whaddya think you’re doing, Sansy?” He spoke quieter. “What do you think’s gonna happen? You said you’d do this.”

Sans kept wrestling from the hold, reaching for the door. “I can’t, I can’t do it, I’m too w-weak…I’m too weak!”

Lesser Dog tossed him to the floor. Sans landed in a heap and curled up completely, arms over his head.

“I’m useless. Worthless…I c-can’t help Boss, can’t d-do anything right…”

Hands were on him. He curled up tighter, babbling between heaving gasps.

“I’m n-not even good as a b-bitch. Lower than g-g-garbage. I’m…hk…I’m weak…I’m weak…”

Several hands yanked at him so that he was on his back, arms pinned to the floor so he couldn’t cover his face. The hands all belonged to the same monster. Muffet looked down at him with a deep, furrowed frown.

Alpyhs was looking over Muffet’s shoulder, her scaly yellow face extremely pale.

Muffet gathered Sans up in her arms. His body remembered it was in pain. The jostling movement made him feel like the inside of him was splitting. He shrieked.

His scream gave way to halting gasps that caused him even more pain. Why couldn’t he just pass out again? Muffet was carrying him somewhere.

“Muffet I’ll do anything, please d-don’t punish me please don’t hurt me more please please

“That’s going to be up to Onion, Sans.”

“it hurts everything hu-u-urts”

“M-m-muffet, where are you t-t-taking him?”

Muffet turned a sweet smile to Alphys and spoke in a honeyed tone.

“I’m getting him cleaned up. My guard will be escorting you and your, ehm, friend out of the building.”

Alphys reached up a hand and called out.


A large guard stepped between them, and Sans could no longer see Alphys. He could just barely hear her moan to herself as he was carried out of the room.

“Sans, I. Sans I d-d-didn’t. I didn’t know.”


Sans was left on a bed in a room…somewhere. Woshua was leaning over him, pushing the nozzle of his hose to the opening of Sans’ pussy. Sans twitched his legs, but didn’t dare move them.

“no please, please don’t put that in, please”

A fin held Sans still. Shyren was there too.

“Shh, Sans. It’s okay.”

The hose didn’t enter him. It oozed a cool, foamy goo that absorbed into Sans’ magic with a green glow. Some of the ooze made its way into him, soothing the raw magic where it touched. Sans’ fearful shudders finally started to abate. The biting pain was easing into a dull ache.

Shyren touched Sans’ face.

“Don’t dispel just yet, all right? You’re going to need to let the magic work a bit longer. I’ll be right here. You’re going to be okay.”

Shyren checked him.

Her head jerked in shock. She lifted Sans’ shirt to look at his soul. It was wavering with hectic sparks of light. Sans whimpered.

“I—sorry, Sans, you probably don’t like that, do you?”

She gently pulled Sans’ shirt back down and checked him again. She shook her head in confusion.

“You’re…well, the healing magic is working. You’re at full health.”

Of course he was at full health. If he weren’t, he’d be dead.

But the healing foam certainly wasn’t doing nothing. Sans’ breathing calmed as the magic spread through him. The tension leaving his body, the waves of relief, almost felt like an orgasm. Sans wondered if Woshua did this on purpose.

Oh…the drug was still working. The absence of pain was an intense enough feeling to trigger the effects all over again.

For once, Sans was glad Shyren didn’t ask anything before playing with his clit to get his drug-induced orgasms out of the way. At least that way he didn’t have to be responsible for this happening to him. She made no comment when he gripped her arms and moaned into her shoulder. She leaned in so that he could get a firmer hold on her, her fin still rubbing between his legs.

“I’m sorry, Sans. You’d be in pain otherwise. Go on and sleep.”

Somehow, she was still helping him come even as he fell into a hazy unconsciousness.


Sans was brought to the chamber with his hands cuffed behind his back. The guard pushed him through the door, then left. Not like they were needed anymore. Not like Sans could run before tentacles grabbed him. And Sans would be in even more trouble if he made Onion have to catch him.

The octopus was staring at him, head still partially submerged. Sans couldn’t see his mouth to get a full read on his expression, but his eyes were boring into him so intensely he felt a grip on his soul. He looked down at his feet.

Sans made himself take a step forward, then another, and slowly he made himself walk all the way to the edge of the pool. He got down on his knees and waited with his head down.

“Come closer.”

Sans looked from the edge of the pool to his knees. There was no gap to close. He looked into the octopus’ face, but didn’t see any indication that he was playing with him. Sans got up clumsily without the use of his hands to aid him. He put one foot out as though to take a step, but there was nothing but water beneath it. He let himself fall forward.

Sans only fell for a split second before tentacles caught him. He didn’t even touch water. The octopus set him back down to his previous kneeling position at the edge of the platform.

A tentacle touched Sans’ face and he flinched, but didn’t move away. He squeezed his eyes shut. The tentacle slid down his front and slipped into his pants. Sans was shaking violently. He obediently made a cunt out of magic. The tentacle stroked the lips and rubbed against the opening. Sans took in a sharp, frightened breath. He shifted a little on his knees to spread his legs open wider. The tentacle gave an approving stroke on the inside of one thigh.

Then the tentacle withdrew from his pants, and another reached up to rub Sans’ back. Sans nearly broke. He gave a weak hiccough.

“Tell me what happened.”

“C-can you give me a…just a second?”


The tentacle continued rubbing Sans’ back in soothing circles. Sans took a moment to make sure he could speak without bursting into tears. He swallowed hard.

“The dogs, they. T-t-told me I had to. I had to see all of them. Or they would tell p-p-p—tell the B-boss what I was d-doing. But I couldn’t—I didn’t do like they w-wanted, when. When they had me, and.” Sans sucked in a breath.

“I know I’m in trouble and you—” He darted a terrified glance at the tentacles settled near him, “you don’t want me to beg you not to—to do…to…” Sans swallowed again. His shoulders shook. “I know that. It d-doesn’t matter what I w-want. I-I. I just.” His voice cracked. “don’t make me beg for it, please don’t make me b-beg for…just one t-time. Just one time, can I? I d-d-don’t. Don’t wanna be fucked. Just one time. Please Onion. I don’t wanna be h…hurt, and I don’t w-wanna. I don’t…”

Sans curled over so his head nearly touched the floor.

“I f-feel like I’m going to break and I need mercy, p-please, please have mercy on me.”

Tentacles reached for Sans and he didn’t bother to fight; there was nothing left he could do. The octopus dragged him into the water. Sans was pressed close to the other monster, more tentacles wrapping around him and squeezing tight. The strange embrace was the closest Sans had been to a platonic, comforting hold since way back when that human hugged him. He pressed his face into the octopus’ body and started bawling.